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Frequently Asked Questions

You should book as soon as you have your date and wedding venue! Photographers typically book weddings 12 - 16 months in advance and take a limited number of weddings each month/year.

All invoices will be created and sent directly to you via Honeybook and you'll be able to make payments online via credit/debit card. 30% is due upfront to get your date officially on my calendar.

Engagement sessions take around 4 - 6 weeks and weddings are typically delivered on your 3 month anniversary! I send out a wedding highlight a week after the wedding.

I am based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and most of my portfolio is destination work that clients have flew me out to capture. All travel quotes will be created based on location and will be discussed during the discovery call.

Absolutely. My backups have backups. Every time I take a digital photograph, it's copied to a second memory card for extra precaution. All images are backed up at the end of a wedding onto an external hard drive and stored away in a fireproof safe until delivery!

There's no exact formula or number that is guaranteed for every wedding. It depends on coverage, how many traditions you include throughout your day and a few other factors. Typically for engagement sessions I deliver 75 - 125 images and 700 - 1200 for wedding days!

VI. How many photos will we receive?

V. Do you have backup equiment?

IV. Do you charge travel fees?

iii. how long does it take to get our images back?

ii. What Payment options do you offer? 

i. When should we book?

Have any additional questions that you don't see here? Reach out and i'd be more than happy to answer you directly!