I was not one of those little girls that dreamed of her wedding day,

I did not grow up with grandparents that gifted me their vintage film cameras. And I am not from a town that was large enough to offer photography classes in high school. There was nothing that guiding me to my photography journey. I didn't follow in anyone's footsteps or have the pressure of a legacy to keep alive.

My love for photography grew from a self conscience teenager that was filled with insecurity and a deep longing to love herself for who she was.

I did not choose photography. 
Photography chose 


My story did not have very happy beginnings. The memories of my childhood are not something I will ever care to relive.. I am the oldest of five girls (and I have 3 brothers and an older half sister) and we moved a few months before I finished kindergarten. My parents did the best they could and I know that they love me dearly, but I did not fit in as a kid in my new school. I struggled from first grade through sixth grade to make and keep friends and find things I had in common with my peers. All throughout elementary school, I focused on my studies -- I was in the spelling bee, mathletes (challenge 24, anyone?) and hated being tardy. We moved again right at the end of 6th grade and by the time I was 12, there was absolutely no hope for me to start over again. I was a full blown emo kid rocking Good Charlotte and Evanescence band tees and `oversized bondage pants from Hot Topic.. I know. You don't need to say anything... 

But I believe the struggles I faced in my youth are exactly the path that brought me to where I am now. Because I was a weird, emo kid that didn't have many friends, I turned to music, theatre and Myspace. And what got me through the years of loneliness was admiring all the Tumblr influencers, taking photos on my cheap digital camera in my bathroom and spending hours printing them out at Walgreens. I didn't think I was photogenic or naturally pretty at the time and was bullied heavily the last few years of high school. I was incredibly shy and introverted and truly just wanted to run away to the Oregon Coast. 

A few years after I graduated, I bought my first DSLR and had a burning desire to learn how to use it for self portraits. I booked two professional photoshoots of myself to learn how it felt to be in front of the camera and took many portraits of my cats. I was in my first semester of college with no idea what I wanted to study, when I discovered the Photography and Analog Film program. I enrolled with absolutely no experience how to actually use a camera until I was offered the opportunity to shadow a photographer at a wedding by pure luck. That's all it took for me to dive head first in everything I needed to start a business. I maxed out my credit cards upgrading my camera gear, offered a few free shoots for practice and booked two weddings within months of launching my business. 

Many years later, hundreds of weddings captured and a community filled with creative outkasts like me, and I found a life I never thought was possible for me to live. I've traveled all over the world, met the most incredible people along the way and learned to fall in love with all my flaws and imperfections through lots and lots of self portraits taken on my camera. My love for photography runs deep within my soul and will forever be apart of my narrative. Although the introduction was wildly unconventional, I know my experience and challenges give me a unique perspective of just how incredibly special the small squares of colorful and vibrant life that we capture and look back at are. The messy, candid, imperfect, unflattering, dirty, caught off guard portraits are going to be all we have one day and my oh my, the stories they'll tell will be invaluable.

She came prepared and delivered the pictures of my dreams.

She came prepared and delivered the pictures of my dreams.


I focus on a mix of organic, candid moments that happen naturally throughout your day, while also guiding you on how to move and feel comfortable in front of my lens.

Why Me?


I've been photographing weddings for close to a decade and understand the importance of respecting and reading the "energy." Your experience and enjoyment in real life is just as important as the photographs that we capture.

I'm ready to book!

I will not leave you guessing. We schedule meetings throughout the planning process so I can curate a timeline that will allow you to enjoy your day as much as possible. 


I studied film in college and my understanding of the Principles of Art have taught me how to be intentional with my imagery and detail oriented.



My editing style is influenced by classic romance films with a vintage inspired finish so when your reliving the best day of your life, it's like your transported into your favorite movie about love, only you are the star.

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March - San Francisco, Ca
April - Tulum, Mexico
May - New york city + Texas
June - Paris, Switzerland, italy
July - New york city
August - Colorado + San Fransisco, CA
October - Jackson hole, wyoming

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Hawaii - New Orleans - Cabo San lucas - Southern France - Iceland - Scotland - Portugal -Dolomites, Italy - Africa

I'll GO where you are

I'll GO where you are

I'll GO where you are

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Meet my "Why"

I'm a huge animal lover, the mom of 5 cats, but also absolutely love dogs, too! I would own a million if I didn't travel so often. Bring all the fur babies to your sessions. 

One of my life goals is to own enough property to open up a sanctuary one day. I want to rescue animals in abusive situations and bring them back to health. I want to adopt and love on all the older dogs and cats that don't get any attention in the shelters and give them the happiest rest of their lives.

the girl
behind the lens

The girl behind the camera lens

I am addicted to boardgames. My favorite for the last year is catan. my boyfriend and I love to make up new rules that we have to follow 

My favorite show to binge while I edit is Selling Sunset and I'm currently watching the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I am a Schitt's Creek super fan - we're talking watching it from beginning to end at least 20 times

My  favorite Ollipop flavors are Ginger Ale, Orange Crush and Strawberry Vanilla. I despise the rest. 

I have FIVE cats. I can't think of anything I wouldn't do for them

I watch all television with subtitles