Sooo, your about to have your photos professionally taken together, possibly for the first time and you either don’t have any clue what to wear, or just need a little guidance! While choosing the right outfits for your engagement session might seem scary and even sound daunting, it can be totally fun and easy! Here are my top 6 (sorta 7, but really 8) tips on what to wear, what to avoid and how to dress in a way that makes you feel like a rockstar! :)


Tip #1 Dress to Impress!

One simple way to dress up for your engagement photos is to dress up like your a guest at your own wedding! Heres why. When we dress up, we tend to feel more confident in the way we look. And yes, shopping around for the perfect dress or suit can feel overwhelming or tedious, BUT doesn’t it feel amazing when you find the one that looks amazing on you?!

Girls : Should You Get Your Hair and/or Makeup Professionally Done?

Ladies, if you aren’t the best at applying your makeup, I HIGHLY suggest getting it done for your engagement photos. Having cakey mascara, or unevenly blended foundation will look unflattering and WILL show up in the images. (There’s only so much us photographers can fix) It’s $20 to book an appointment at Ulta the morning of, and I always suggest neutral tones. NO HEAVY EYELINER on your waterline. It will also make your eyes look really small, and we want those beauties to SHINE! Plus, this is the perfect excuse for the future hubby to hand over his cc for a much needed spa day, with some fresh color and newly trimmed locks. You’ll thank me for it ;)


A long flowing dress always looks FAB in photographs. It catches the wind, allows you to move around and looks incredibly flattering. For dresses, I recommend Lulu’s or Azazie. Both companies make pretty bridesmaids dresses that you can recommend to your girls as well! Wearing a well-fitted suit without the tie is a great way to make a dressed up outfit feel a bit more casual.

Guys: Take it to the Next Level

Match your belt with your shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean, too. It looks soooo good, and they will be in the photos!


Tip #2 Show Some Personality!

These are YOUR photographs, and I love it when my couples add elements to outfits that really speak to them. Embracing bold colors and outfits that feel sooo you, will make you feel good! Rockin’ a bold lip or accessorizing with a cute hat just adds that extra something to the photos that screams YOU! Outfits will floral prints also photograph very pretty!


Tip #3 Wear Something You Feel Comfortable In!

This honestly should be tip #1, because its that important. If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, it WILL show. Avoid fabric that’s too tight AND too baggy. Check yourself in the mirror (all your angles) because if you see your bra poking out or underwear lines, so will the camera. Clothes that fit you perfectly will look the best! If dressing up isn’t really your style… that’s totally fine! You have two outfit options - one casual and one dressed up. Variety is the spice of life anyways! ;)


Tip #4 Avoid Graphics & Anything TOO Matchy

I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory, but just in case… Please don’t wear anything with graphics or texts. Don’t wear tee shirts AT ALL if you can. It can be distracting, wrinkly or awkward if you look too dressed down from your partner. The focus should be on the two of you, not your favorite band. Equally, matching your outfits a little bit makes sense. However, dressing head to toe in the same color is not the most flattering choice. Contrasting colors actually work best! Think yellow & blue, magenta & green, and red & cyan. These are primary contrasting colors, and they look amazing when photographed together.


Tip #5 Ask for a Second Opinion!

Ask someone who will give you an honest opinion about the clothes you’re thinking of wearing. You know who is really good at giving an honest opinion? A sister (at least mine are brutally honest) or a best friend. Another person who really, really knows what’s going to photograph well or terribly is your photographer! I love it when couples ask me for my opinion or even e-mail options they are thinking of.


Tip #6 Be Mindful of Your Surroundings!

You don’t want to blend in too much with your surroundings or the background of the session location. If you opt to shoot in the city with skyscrapers and a busy background filled with moving people or things, wear more solid colors allow you to POP from the background. If you want to be surrounded by a lush green forest, don’t wear green. Neutral colors that compliment green such as burgundy, cream and even light floral dresses will look BOMB.


So there you have it! :) My best tips for how to dress for your engagement session. I highly recommend you take this day seriously, splurge on yourself, because if you feel like a million bucks, your photos will BE a million bucks! Investing in yourself is ALWAYS gonna have a positive outcome, but if you still need advice or uncertain if things go well together, just ask!