Seattle, Washington


About mid January, I had the crazy idea of wanting to go somewhere really cool for Spring Break. I threw a couple ideas around with Isaiah one evening at home and we came up with either a week in Iceland, or a road trip out West! We thought the road trip would be better, although I've wanted to go to Iceland for a long time, so that trip is definitely on my to do list. 

Most of my family and friends know me as crazy spontaneous, and I would be lying if I said I didn't plan this trip in under three weeks! I love that I'm able to inspire people to do impulsive things, because honestly that's how I live my life most days. A few disclaimers I want to include in this post: this was our first time on the West Coast and we learned a lot of ways to save money, locations to go to in the future and a few other details that I wouldn't advise other travelers to follow. So let's jump right in!

Originally, Isaiah and I had the idea of flying into Seattle, Washington and renting a car to drive back home. It was our plan for a few weeks before we researched and realized that a one way drop off fee for most rental companies is $1000. A round trip plan ticket is cheaper than that, for TWO people! So we scratched that idea and chose to fly to and from Washington. It was obviously the cheaper route. During our first layover, we were at an airport bar looking at our trip itinerary that I created on This was our agenda: Seattle, Portland, Eureka, San Fransisco, Carmel by the Sea, Los Angelese, Anaheim, Joshua Tree, Scottsdale, Monument Valley, Moab, and back to Seattle. For whatever reason, we realized it was way too ambitious for nine days. The beautiful thing about this trip was that although we had a plan, NOTHING was set in stone and we both had the mindset that we were going with the flow. So we decided to scratch all the National Parks :( 

Of course I was really sad, but we are planning a trip out West specifically for the parks next time! My bucket list includes Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Sequoia, Zion, Arches, and Joshua Tree. 

Once we landed in Seattle we picked up the rental, booked a last minute Airbnb and headed into the city for a late night adventure! We didn't make it into the city before dark so we parked near Pike Place and started walking! The market was closed, but we still were able to see the famous Pike Place signs, walk past the FIRST EVER Starbucks and venture down to Gum Alley! 


It was really cool venturing to Gum Alley, and we even placed two twisted pieces of chewed up gum on a railing to be apart of the art! (The white glob is ours) After spending fifteen or so minutes taking photos, we head out for dinner. We made our way to a hip, little joint in the heart of Downtown called Virginia Inn. We didn't choose it because it was a Seattle must, or had raving reviews on Yelp. Honestly, we walked in because we were starving and there wasn't a wait to be sat. Isaiah got a burger, and I ordered a delicious Fish & Chip dinner. 

I asked our waiter for recommendations of bars in town that wouldn't be packed and he referred us to Cloudburst, about a five minute walk away! It was really cool inside, and we sat at two bar stools that overlooked an open layout brewery. We each got a Market Fresh Saison and relaxed, going over our plans for the next week! After our brews, we headed back for our first Airbnb experience to freshen up and get an early start for the next days adventure, Portland!

See you guys there!