Crater Lake, Oregon


Sorry I've been a little slow at writing these blogs! Life has not slowed down since I've been home from this trip! Schoolwork has been super demanding, I'm in the process of moving and I've shot over five sessions in the last week! I have a ton of photos to edit, on top of serving my two/three days a week!

It's so annoying. I'm incredibly busy and have so much going on, but I'm not financially booking enough Photography related work to quit my job and focus on it full time. One day I will take photos and travel for a living, and I cannot wait!

ANYWAY! Our third day of our road trip was one of the most surprising days, as well as my favorite! We woke up as soon as the sun came up, made our farewell with Erika and headed out the door to Crater Lake, Oregon! We stopped at a cute little donut shop, per recommendation via Erika and ordered cheap breakfast sandwiches and coffees for under $10! Score!

Crater Lake was a five hour drive from Portland, and a three hour drive from Eureka so Monday was a pretty busy day for us and to be honest, I had no idea what was in store. Crater Lake was one of Isaiah's destination suggestions as I had never heard of it. We were slowly making our way out of the beautiful green pine trees that Oregon is known for, and were very soon greeting by snow. 


The drive was absolutely breathtaking! The tall trees were dusted with beautifully fallen snow, and ice cap mountains were in our view more and more. We stopped on the side of the road to get a few quick pictures of the Diamond Peak. Isaiah wanted to stop at every viewpoint, but I told him that the most beautiful view was within our reach if we just kept on driving.


Isaiah was persistent on driving down a random snow covered road for fun, so eventually we stopped along the side of the road and hiked down to a gorgeous acre of trees. To our surprise, the snow literally covered our knees. It was insane. I continued to try and take light steps but as soon as I stepped off with my other foot, I just sunk. My boots were full of snow and my jeans were soaked, but it was so worth it. 


I can't even lie; we walked far enough from the road, unable to move quickly because of the height of the snow, that at one point I started to imagine a mountain lion just peaking through a tree trunk and almost peed myself from the thought. HAHA


The actual "road" to Crater Lake was unrealllll. We didn't see many vehicles along the way, and passed only a small deserted town so I was slightly nervous to be so far off the grid. The road was sooo packed down with snow, and full of sharp twists and turns that we didn't think a car would have made it. It was about a 7 mile drive to the Welcome Center where we started to see a few other visitors but not many. It was a $10 park pass, that was good for a week! I had a feeling most people don't come to Crater Lake for an hour, like us, lol. We were told to go about a mile further up the snow covered path to our destination where we saw ONLY trucks and suvs. This is where I was happy that we rented a 4Runner. 


When we first laid eyes on the lake, our breath was taken away. It looked like a REAL snow globe. My photos don't showcase the magnificence of this beautiful landmark. And to our surprise, it wasn't busy, or full of people! It blew my mind that we left Portland, warm and sunny, and arrived in a real Winter Wonderland by mid day. This is why I LOVE OREGON! 


Seriously guys, LOOK HOW TALL THE SNOW IS NEXT TO ISAIAH! It's that deep. However, it wasn't super cold, and I was perfectly content with removing my jacket for photos. A five minute walk from Lake was a giftshop where we bought a cute shot glass as a memoir. However they charged by the hour for wifi, so I said "let's Skedaddle" and found a nice spot for lunch.


One of the reasons I love Isaiah: I was like "wouldn't it be so cool to take a photo in the middle of the road?" And what does he do? Looks both ways, pulls to the "side" of the road, (although as you can tell there technically isn't a side) and tells me to jump out to get the shot! I loved this photo, and I'm so glad we were able to capture it! 


So a few fun facts about Oregon!

- It's illegal to pump your own gas. Legit. When we were coming back up from California, we knew we were in Oregon as soon as we pulled over for gas, because an attendant came running over to pump it for us.

- It's possible to experience beautiful sun, heavy rain and snow all within a few hours of each other.

- Crater Lake was formed from a sunken Volcano, was founded in 1902, is the 9th deepest lake in the world at 592 meters, and is home to one of the clearest, freshwater lakes in the world!