I will be the first to admit that I don’t know everything! However, I have been in the industry for two years, and I’ve already established myself in Youngstown and Pittsburgh as a wedding photographer. I’ve invested thousands of dollars in education, and workshops and learning from the best! I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained with you, and help you because even though I don’t have YEARS of experience under my belt, I DO have the confidence to walk into any wedding and KILL it no matter what curve balls are thrown my way!



Coffee and Meeting !

You want to learn all the basics! From creating timelines, sending contracts to pricing and camera settings. Well, this 90 minute session is perfect for you. We can setup in a coffee shop, or grab appetizers and drinks and go over any and all questions you have, relating to the wedding industry.

These sessions are $200 + tax !


Couple’s Session !

Let’s head out and do some one-on-one shooting! I will schedule a couple shoot, you will tag along and watch as I pose, prompt and shoot my couples and THEN I will let you completely take over and just give you advice or help when you need it! It’s the perfect way to get real practice and see exactly how I work with my couples to create real, authentic moments.

These sessions are $300 + tax !

What are you most interested in learning about?