Krista and Kevin: In home brunch!

Krista and Kevin: In home brunch!

Two months ago, the world began to look completely different than it ever had before. I had no idea what this was going to mean for me.

I was in the middle of traveling between opposite ends of the country as the Coronavirus pandemic was unfolding. I was 1100 miles away from home. I’m seeing reports of EVERYTHING selling out.

I couldn’t prepare for anything…

Immediately as I was able to return home, I quarantined.

I was scared to leave my apartment after traveling for over a week from the East Coast to the West Coast. I wanted nothing more than to be with my family and I was terrified that I could have came into contact with a carrier of Covid-19.

I’ll be honest – living in a state of uncertainty isn’t something that I think that I could EVER get used to. I thrive when I have a full schedule! I had never felt more disconnected from any and all levels of optimism and creativity than after going through the process of empathizing with my clients for all that they had put into these special occasions that I would capture for them that were either put on hold or cancelled all together, having to socially distance myself from my family, watch my closest friends that work in the health care system put the safety and well being of strangers before their own, as I’m also watching my family and friends lose their jobs…

This experience was a completely new dynamic for me on every level and I think that I was almost living socially distant within myself, as a result from the immediate effects of what was happening to the world right in front of me. As this new “reality” of everyone living socially distant set in – it was ONLY THEN that it started to hit me that the world of photography and my business, could begin to look different moving forward as well.

I had no idea if it was going to be a series of weeks or months before I would be able to work again…

Within a few short weeks, “quarantine photo sessions” were sparking interest all over social media. I jumped on that train super late but I didn’t want to miss it altogether. I wanted to attempt it while also putting my own unique spin on it! I offered it for free to see if I could execute it. A week later I booked it with one of my fall brides. She had an awesome idea of doing a themed pancake breakfast – in home shoot!

Krista and Kevin are absolutely adorable!! I was able to work with them back in October of 2019 for an engagement shoot, and I just loveddd everything about the love between the two of them!

We made pancakes! We danced around their kitchen! (virtually of course) I captured them play wrestling on the couch! It was THE MOST fun that anyone could have during a quarantine!

Anddd just as a side note: it was really awesome to experience doing a photo shoot FROM MY BEDROOM!

Prior to Covid, Krista and Kevin had just bought a house and were interested in doing an in home session. THIS was undeniably the perfect opportunity to attempt this style of a photo shoot in their new home while making memories together during a truly unique time in the world.

Did I mention that their wedding is going to be brunch themed too!?! Seriously, they are the cutest!!

I never could have imagined that I would be capturing an in home session by the use of FaceTime, during a global pandemic, as I’m sitting at my computer with zit cream all over my face! My emotions and my voice were normal, yet my physical position was in one place –whereas in real life I’d be all over the place between physically interacting with them, and positioning them to losing my breath from the excitement of cheering them on in what is THEIR MOMENT…. I’m doing these same exact things in the most idiosyncratic fashion, feeling “paralyzed” and isolated from my chair behind a screen.

Despite the socially distant aspect of working behind the camera, I am absolutely in love with what we were able to create from this shoot! It was very low key and I wanted the overall feel to be very natural in their home.

There are so many natural elements of this session that contributed to this neutral flow and cohesive feel that simply forces these images to truly come to life! This session was meant to be super intimate. Even just being in their space in this way is an intimate experience just as much as I feel that eating together falls into the intimacy category. I love the barefoot photos, they’re my favorite. All aspects flowed together seamlessly.

It’s impossible not to hear the laughter and feel the joy of this couple without knowing a thing about them, when you see this photo shoot.


Ashley Sara

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